The Bleach Filler Episode Guide & Review

Bleach contains a lot of filler episodes and here is my review & guide of these episodes. I hope it will help you through the difficult proces of deciding whether you want to watch that filler episode or arc. I have watched all the fillers atleast once so i know what i am talking about, i could even be considered a professional filler reviewer.

Filler Episode 33 + 50
The Karakura heroes omake(specials). Very boring fillers starring don Kanonji and the two kids from Urahara.

Bount Filler Arc

Episodes 64-108

The bount filler arc is bad. So these new mysterious enemies who are called ‘the bount’ appear. The bount are basically some sort of vampire-like humans. They do not suck blood, they suck souls and just like vampires they are immortal unless you kill them.
Surprisingly the bount leader wants revenge on soul society and creates an army of soul collecting mosquito-like things. These mosquitos are sucking every human in Karakura dry and are bringing the 'liquid-soul-semen' back to the bount. The bount then drink the stuff and power up. At this point Ichigo gets really angry and kills the leader. After the kill he even feels sorry for him. End of story, nothing changed.

Stolen Hogyoku Filler Arc

Episodes 128-137

Most of these filler episodes are just random boring side stories. Only the last couple of episodes are about the stealing of the hogyoku, which are some pretty good fillers by the way. Episodes 128 – 135 are boring as hell. These are your typical 1-boring-story-per-episode fillers. Take for example episode 132 where Karin Kurosaki tries to get Captain Hitsugaya to help her win a soccer match. And episode 134 where Yumichika helps an annoying child bake a cake for his mother. Terrible fillers where absolutely nothing happens.

Filler Episodes 147 + 149
A small filler story about how Rukia gets lost in the forest of menos while Ichigo and the others try to find her again. It ads to the atmosphere a bit so its watchable.

The New Captain Shusuke Amagai Filler Arc

Episodes 168-189

So a new captain has been appointed by master Yamamoto himself. The new captain seems to be a nice and funny guy. But, Surprise! Amagai turns out to bear a grudge agains Yamamoto.
Together with some other people who hate soul society, he plans to kill yamamoto. With his parasite-like sword (bakkoto), which sucks its user dry after they use it too much, he starts a big-ass fight in order to kill Yamamoto. Once Ichigo gets mad though, Amagai gets his ass handed to him and dies. Good riddance! The captain Amagai filler arc should be skipped in my opinion.

Filler episode 204 + 205 + 213 + 214
Boring and annoying filler side stories. These are the fillers you definitely want to skip.

Filler episodes 227-230
Episodes 227 – 230 are random filler episodes containing the infamous beach episode 228: “Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!!” In this filler episode Rangiku and Orihime are comparing boob-size when suddenly a giant watermellon hollow with tentacles appears. Ofcourse this hollow only snatches up girls.
If fanservice is your thing, this is THE episode for you!
Demotivational Poster about the Bleach Beach Watermelon Filler Episode Demotivational Poster about Team Fanservice Starring Perverts Roshi Sanji Jiraya And Kon

The Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Filler arc

Episodes 231-266

The zanpakuto(Death god swords) feel a bit repressed and start a rebellion against their masters. Muramasa is the leader of this rebellion. The cool thing is that we get to see all the zanpakuto in human form. Which is pretty cool and it does add something to main storyline. This filler arc feels like a movie and it contains some good quality fights and a decent plot. If you like bleach i think it is possible to enjoy this filler arc. The last episode 266 is a recap.

Filler episode 284 + 287 + 298-299 + 303-305 + 311-316
Episode 284 is a flashback about how Harribel climbed her way up the arrancar ladder through eating other arrancars. This suggests that arrancar are a kind of cannibal pokemons.
In episode 287 Ichigo becomes a Japanese Alladin. Enough said.
298-299 These episodes are a promotion for the bleach movie Hell Chapter. Skip
303-305 + 311-316 are just the casual 1-boring-story-per-episode fillers.

The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc

Episodes 317-341

This filler arc starts after some bad fillers and after the epic battle against Aizen. I wouldn’t say this filler arc is bad, but it’s not good either. So basically everyone has a doppelganger who is just as strong as the original. Ichigo has lost most of his power in his fight with Aizen so that creates some tension i guess. But in the end Ichigo magically regains some of this power and manages to beat the main antagonist while the other captains are off fighting an army of dolls. Watch it at your own risk.

Filler episode 355
New year special. Incredibly dumb episode.


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