This website is dedicated to filler episodes and can also be used as an episode guide. Fillers are episodes that are not based on the original manga, they are necessary when an anime catches up to the manga, meaning the studios run out of material. Filler episodes are usually of a lesser quality(storywise) than the canon(manga-based) episodes. For example, Naruto had just defeated pain giving every last drop of strength and willpower he had. It was an awesome battle where Naruto almost released the Kyuubi. A few episodes later Naruto gets beaten up by a talking ninja Ostrich. These kind of stories ruin the whole atmosphere and believability of the serie. That is why i launched I will explain fillerguide's main goal in 3 steps.

1. Find the Fillers

I believe that user-maintained filler lists are the way to go. Fillerguide uses a special voting system where users can vote on each episode whether it is a filler, partial or canon episode. An unregistered user gets 1 voting point. A registered user gets 4 voting points which also increases over time. This way the filler lists will always be up-to-date as long as there are people voting. By increasing the voting point for returning members the lists will also be super accurate! Fillerguide uses the following guidelines:
  • CANON: Episodes that are based on the manga.
  • FILLER: Episodes that are not based on the manga.
  • PARTIAL: Episodes that contain both CANON and FILLER material

2. Judge all the Canon, Partial and Filler Episodes

Luffy Eating Judging
To decide whether a filler(arc) or canon episode is worth watching, fillerguide uses a rating system for each episode. Users can give every episode a rating between 1 and 5. A rating of 1 means an episode is so horrible you still dream about it at night. A rating of 5 means that an episode is so awesome that you accidentally wet yourself while watching it.

It is also possible to comment for registered users so they can explain why they (dis)like an episode. Not only do i like reading other people's comments about episodes, it can also give some good information about an episode. For example: "Oh maaan, this episode sucked ostrich balls, don't watch it."

3. Enjoy your Anime Serie

Enjoy Anime
The reason i made fillerguide is so that you can enjoy anime the way you want to enjoy it!(Does that sound kinky?) Whether you like watching filler episodes or hate watching them, fillerguide provides you with the information you need.

Fillerguide provides the following information per episode:
* Arc information
* Manga reference(if there is one)
* Rating
* Release Date
* Opening Song(NEW)
* Ending Song(NEW)
Fillerguide will also update ongoing series every week!